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HI, i am Sugar and this is my boring ass Webpage!
Here on this wonderful site, you will find some neat0 stuffs, like pictures, blabbering by me, more pictures, um.. some useless crap and thats about it..
Updates on El crap0 site
-=4:22AM=-I organized my site more, and added some pics.. enjoy

-=12:09AM=-I uploaded a few new pics .. and changed some spelling errors :P

-=4:43AM=--Uploaded a few normal pics on my pics page.. of me and some family *bleh*

01-21-02-=3:04AM=-I Uploaded yet more pics ^_^.. I welcome ideas to make my webpage secksier, so drop me a line

10-23-02-=4:40AM=-I uploaded more pics yet again.. There are 2 of me and andrew lol.. ill prolly add more in a few min so stay tuned ^_^

10-23-02-=4:45AM=-MY COMPUTER IS FUXEDED ^_^ it was a stupid thing why it was broken so stfu ok >.<

02-13-02-=10:56PM=-YAY I ADDED A NEW PAGE!@! ITS ON PHOTO4.. go check it out, its one of my first hate pages ^_^

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Watch the boucing hello kitty
If you have any suggestions.. PLEASE do tell me ^_^
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